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Harvard researchers say mysterious structure may be alien probe

By: Alex Kack 

Oumuamua is the name scientists have given to a mysterious object traveling through space and into our solar system. The object is of unknown origin although scientists do know that it originated outside of our solar system, making it the first known object to have done so. It was first observed towards the end of 2017.
Now researchers from Harvard University are advancing the idea that it "may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization." A statement they make in a to be published paper in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.
The researchers are careful to state this is far from certain, however there are abnormalities about the speed and trajectory of the object that have confused them and other researchers.
Namely that the object sped up as it passed our Sun, something that should have naturally caused the object to slow.
When first observed researchers at SETI attempted to observe the object for a vari…
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Australian woman claims to be engaged to; trying for baby with ghost

By: Alex Kack 
Twenty nine year old Amethyst Realm, an Australian ‘spiritual guidance counselor’, claims to have taken upwards of 15 ghosts as sexual partners since her break up with her previous presumably living human boyfriend.
That relationship she claims ended when she had an affair with a ghost.
During a recent television interview she claimed that she had recently taken a new spectral lover and announced their engagement. Whom she stated was “very ancient, very wise, very kind” and that her relationship is “deeper” then most mortal ones.
Realm states that all of her past spirit fwb’s left her satisfied and brought her to orgasm.
Realm claims the couple are happy and are trying for a baby. Fans of American Horror Story know how well that works out.

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The Fault in Humanity: A review of the 'The World of Lore'

The fault in humanity ‘The World of Lore: Dreadful Places’ shows true horror is created through our own actions

By MacKenzie Chase
Sarah Winchester was running away from evil. Following advice from a medium after her husband and child’s death, she packed up her life and traveled west until she felt safe from the spirits she thought were haunting her. She ended up in California’s Bay Area, purchased an eight-room farmhouse in 1886 and began renovations many have speculated were meant to confuse the spirits; construction continued until her death 36 years later. With staircases that lead to dead ends, miniature doors that open into normal-sized rooms and vice versa, and an estimated 148 to 161 rooms total, the mansion was dubbed the Winchester Mystery House and opened to the public in 1923. The allure of the unknown has drawn visitors ever since and there have been numerous reports of floating lights, doors that shut on their own and cold spots along with the overwhelming sensation of …

Bigfoot porn is part of our national discussion now.

By: Alex Kack

As mid term elections ramp up around the nation Virginia’s 5th Congressional district is making national headlines for an unusual reason.
Republican candidate Denver Riggleman is now being forced to deny that he has a proclivity for pornography featuring Sasquatch.
His Democratic opponent, Leslie Cockburn, claimed that Riggleman had a fetish for sexual films and other erotica featuring Bigfoot after finding a photo of a drawing Riggleman had previously posted to social media featuring a male Sasquatch with his penis censored.
Cockburn’s campaign shared the image along with the claim “Now he has been exposed a devotee of Bigfoot erotica, this is not what we need on Capital Hill”
Riggleman is denying being interested in pornography featuring the creature, but has said that he has been interested in Bigfoot for years and took his wife on a Bigfoot themed expedition once.
The tweet also attempts to link Riggleman to known white supremacist Isaac Smith, who attended …

Review: Season two of “Spooked” brings on the chills through firsthand story-telling

By: MacKenzie Chase

From WNYC and Snap Judgment, season two of the supernatural podcast Spooked is now streaming, providing listeners with stories that question the truth of our reality.

With stories told firsthand by the individuals who experience them, the format differs from that of other similar podcasts such as Lore, and the sound engineering helps it stand apart from the crowd with ambient noise woven in to each episode and host Glynn Washington setting up each chilling recollection with his soothing voice.

“The Wraith” opens season two of Spooked strongly with Teresa Moorleghen explaining how she grew up seeing ghosts. They were all friendly ghosts, mostly recently deceased family members saying goodbye one last time, until a strange recurring figure of a nondescript woman tells her, “Nobody here loves you, nobody wants you; you need to come with me,” each time it appears. After years of torment, she’s forced to figure out what the ghost needs from her in order to peacefully m…

The Treasure House

By Katie Mullaly
Since I will be popping in from time to time, I feel like I should properly introduce myself with one of my favorite experiences.  I am Katie, and If there is anything that I think people should know about me, it’s that I love ghosts, and I love hunting for vintage treasures.  It should then surprise no one that I work for an estate sale company when I am not writing books and articles about ghosts. I have had a few fellow vintage-inclined friends relay eerie experiences with odds and ends acquired through estate sales and curbside finds, but I was most excited when it happened to me.
Walking up to this particular house, the debris and stacks of bricks could not have prepared me for what lay beyond the front door.  Turning the knob was like setting the dial on a time machine to the mid-1960s and, for a vintage-loving girl like me, I couldn’t have been more excited.  That has always been the upside to the sometimes-morbid job of setting up estate sales - literally get…