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Colombian Priest Claims that President Invited Him to Perform Exorcism on Palace, then Retracts Statements

By: Alex Kack

Padre Chucho, a Catholic priest who has become something of a celebrity in Colombia, has recently found himself walking back pecuilar statements he had made on television.

The retraction centers on claims made by Chucho that, new Colombian President Ivan Daque had requested that the priest come to Colombia’s famed presidential palace, Casa de Narino, to perform an exorcism.

The priest claimed that President Daque had requested his presence to “cast demons out” of the palace, while President Daque is a practicing Catholic, there is no evidence to support that he believes in literal demonic possession or hauntings or has sought related services from the Church at any time.

Chucho later retracted the statement on social media, stating that no one from the President’s administration had contacted him about

This is not the first time Chucho, who’s real name is Father Jesús Hernán Orjuela, has spoken about exorcism. He rose to fame as a host on morning talk show where he would often discuss exorcisms as well as other issues related to religion and the Catholic faith.

Alex Kack is the editor of 'Spooky News' and the Bull Moose Review'. He is a political advocate, writer and comedian currently based in Washington D.C. where he lives with his girlfriend and their excessive number of pets. Follow him on Twitter here: @Alex_Kack He's on Tumblr here:

Photo Credit: Miguel Olaya from Bogotá, Colombia [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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